The Dermistem Team

Aseyah Rosslind


The first thing you’ll notice about Aseyah Rosslind is her warm and friendly nature, and if her smile doesn’t win you over, her deftness at blending the most exquisite perfumes and beautifully scented hand and body lotions will. Walking into her boutique in the Southern Suburbs is like stepping into an aromatic hub where the heady aromas of frankincense, agarwood and myrrh tempt your olfactory senses into giddy anticipation.

Renowned as the queen of aromatics, Aseyah unearths the world’s most exquisite botanicals right on our doorstep, and more recently began formulating and manufacturing natural beauty products.

In response to the demand for a state-of-the-art natural skincare range, Dermistem is her latest co-creation with Jerome Jackson, Head of Global Research and Product Development at Dermistem.

“I wanted to formulate a skincare range with therapeutic actives that people could use every day, and when our chemist joined our ranks, we began manufacturing Dermistem. He shares our passion for hypoallergenic products and has many years’ experience manufacturing organic products. The minute he mentioned plant stem cells and how we can use them on our bodies to benefit our systems, I was sold,” says Aseyah.

Today Aseyah heads the first South African House to garner plant stem cell technology in its skincare range.

The company’s growth up until this point has been exponential.

For 12 years Aseyah worked in a clerical capacity for an international Cosmetic House, where she was first exposed to and immersed in the global trade of big-brand cosmetics and fragrances.

In 2004, she started studying aromatherapy at the Cape Institute for Allied Health Studies. “The strong drawcard to aromatherapy was the essential oils,” she said. “That was when my adventure with aromatics began.”

This two-year course was to become a defining period in Aseyah’s life and she attained a diploma in Therapeutic Aromatherapy. In 2009 she successfully graduated with a certificate in Aromatherapy from the American College of Healthcare Sciences, thereby becoming internationally accredited.

In 2012 she opened her boutique, Aseyah R. This was to become the bedrock to her experience in running a natural perfumery and to the supply of natural beauty products to spas and beauty therapists. This opened the doors to advanced studies in botanical actives and natural perfume making in the Seychelles.

Her introduction to plant stem cell technology was serendipitous.

Two years later Dermistem’s first skincare system – embedded with Alpine Rose plant stem cells – was born.

“To say that I feel blessed is an understatement. We’ve been gifted. Everybody who has walked this path with us is meant to be here. I feel privileged to have a great support system and to have a great team driving the Dermistem brand – all of whom have made this dream an exciting possibility.”

Jerome Jackson


Jerome Jackson is Head of Global Research and Product Development at Dermistem, and is responsible for all Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at the company. Together with Aseyah, he formulated the Dermistem blueprint.

“Electing to develop strong research is part of my vision to keep Dermistem cutting edge and at the forefront of new technologies currently being developed in Switzerland and around the world,” he says.

Jerome has a history working as product developer at Dermistem’s sister company, AseyahR, a manufacturer and supplier of bespoke natural beauty products to spas and beauty therapists countrywide. He has released a men’s range of natural perfumes among them Rêve de Foret (Forest Dream) and Dix Dix – an eau fraîche original.

Among his many credentials, Jerome is author of Reverse Diabetes in 30 Days available at Amazon and a practising Consultant Herbologist. He has received qualifications in Herbology, Botanical Medicine, Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy. His qualifying thesis is titled: “The Application of Botanical Cardiotonics, Nervines and Vascular Alteratives in the Supportive Treatment of Congenital Cardio-Septal Defect in Cayler Cardiofacial Syndrome and 22q11 Gene Deletion”.

Jerome has extensive knowledge of the physical, chemical, biochemical and biological properties of drugs and drug substances of natural origin. His understanding of how botanical actives react synergistically within the human body has been imperative in the research and development of Dermistem Premier’s formulation.

“We’ve made sure that we’ve done the best that can be done with the current technology at our disposal. We’ve combined different botanical actives with specific functions so that the range can have an outcome and impact as soon as possible on the skin.

I am especially proud that Dermistem Premier makes an immediate visible difference; it’s this very trademark essence of our offering that is my reward – because it’s the very nature of development and research. I’m always trying to improve on current cosmetic blueprints: it’s that constant search for something better that is the most fulfilling aspect of my job.”